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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Legacy 8 - The Webinar!

All I can say, is that I have been so busy, I wasn't in my office for the reminder on the "What's New in Legacy 8" webinar. I was bummed that I could not sign on. However, Saturday evening I sat down and watched the entire webinar and learned some new stuff. I am puzzled though by the difference in Geoff's screen that showed a system tab in Legacy 8. I don't have that! And of course I can't find anything in the documentation for it either. More exploration is necessary!

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  1. Anne, the system tab is on the far left top of the ribbon that runs across the top of the program. Its up where "my toolbar", "Options", "Tools", "Search" and "Reports" are... go far left and you should see it there...

  2. Nope. It isn't there. The one farthest to the left is File.