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Monday, January 6, 2014

Monday Moanin'

I am writing this on Sunday, because I know Monday will be crazy. First and foremost, I have to drag myself out of bed for my quarterly blood work. Then back home to pack up the boxes in our car for their move to Older Daughter's house. Closing is at 11 - God Willing and the snow doesn't drift. Or frigid temps don't knock out power lines ... etc. I think this will be the coldest day we will have experienced here in Tennessee with wind chills in the -14 range. My down coat is around somewhere!

After closing, meeting Older Daughter at her house with cars full of stuff she has been storing at our house in my craft room. I moved everything out into the dining room staging area, so that I could work on some projects. Nice to have that space back.

In my office, things are slowly getting done. Hooray! I still have the almost four inch pile of paper on my desk, but I have slowly been whittling it down! Yeah!

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