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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Wednesday - Percival & Bush

On August 31, 1859, Jabez Percival, son of Dr. John Stearns Percival and Sarah Ann Kirtley and Catherine Bush, daughter of Philip Bush and Vicy Tousey were married in Covington, Kentucky. They were first cousins. Vicy Tousey Bush was the daughter of Thomas Tousey and Lydia Percival. Lydia Percival was a sister of Dr. Jabez Percival, Dr. John Stearns Percival's father. This was so common in the early days of our country when meeting a suitable spouse was not quite so easy.  Jabez and Catherine or "Kate" went on to become the parents of six children: Tenie Kirtley, William Bush, Julia Lynd, John Philip, Olive Tousey and Ellen Major Percival.  Tenie died at the age of 16 and Julia died at 3 months.

Kate is pictured at left and Jabez on the right.  The photos are courtesy of my fourth cousin, Julia Percival Deimler.

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  1. Hi Anne!

    Thanks so much for your blog. The couple pictured here are my Great Great Great Grandparents. From what I can figure, you and I are 4th cousins once removed.

    I am new to all of this, but your work is fueling my excitement. Now that I am living in Kentucky and realize that, coincidentally, this is where my Great Great Grandmother, Ellen Percival Border, was born, I have become very interested in learning more about my (and her) roots.

    I would love to be in touch with you more sometime.

    Take Care,

    1. Hi Rachel. I have a lot on this family and very happy to share. Contact me (dot for . and at for@) at