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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Truant Tuesday

Well, I can't claim truancy, since I've long graduated from school, but DH and I are playing hookey today, hopefully accomplishing some long-postponed errands.  It seems like I will try anything to hold off on genealogy.

I do get the newsletters from Legacy Family Tree and must say I am intrigued by the improvements they are making to their program. Version 8 will be out before you know it and hopefully it looks like it will be more compatible with my RootsMagic. Which will make entering shared facts a lot easier, and I hope, all my existing shared facts will actually transfer correctly. That is one of the major things keeping me from switching. And since Families app works so well with Legacy, and RootsMagic's app is so freakin' lame, maybe that is a good thing.

In the meantime, DH and I are going to enjoy the nice sunny weather for the day!

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