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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Catching Up

The weather, as you may have heard, has been really crazy in middle Tennessee. Now that the weather has been sunny, warm, and pretty dang humid, I've been doing some Spring Cleaning. No, not in my office, although that is on tap for the weekend, but in those "folders" on my laptop where I keep all my "gotta enter this information" vital records and census. The census, which I enjoy searching for, can be a real drag to work on, so from time to time, I vary how I do it. Right now it seems for every one I enter, link the image and file away, I find one. It just seems that virtual pile never gets smaller. The pile grew because Family Search added so many more records. I enter the information on an 1860 census and then have to find the 1850 and 1870. And so on.

It's a dirty job, isn't it?

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