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Monday, May 3, 2010

Distracted to the Extreme - Or Moaning Monday

I think it has been more than a week since I last transcribed one of my grandfather's letters. I have so allowed myself to get distracted by some other Percival families. It certainly is easy to do. Then I distracted myself with working on all the new stuff Family Search Labs has added to their site. It sure has left me with a lot of census to go through, which I will tackle soon, hopefully before they hit the century mark, as they stand at 63 now!

Over at Heritage Happens last Friday, Cheryl posted Funeral Cards for Funeral Friday. I like the idea, especially of posting cards of people whom I don't know. My aunt and my mother-in-law both gave me stacks of them, and a good number of them, I have no idea who the people were. So maybe if I post these, someone will see them and claim them. But that's another project. After I put my hands on them again, that is. I'm not sure I've seen any of these since we moved here, and if I did, I can't imagine where they are. I certainly hope they aren't with the framed wall photos we seemed to have lost in our move from Michigan.

Over the weekend, I let the storms here in middle Tennessee really distract me. Fortunately for us - knock on wood - we have not seen any of the flooding that the Nashville area has. All I can say is we've already got our normal May rainfall and it is only May 3rd!

But you know, sometimes distractions are great. They let you work on something that interests you and gives you time and energy to re-focus on your project, so don't feel guilty when you are pulled away from a project or when you step away from it. 

Also, today is Monday, which is Relatively Speaking Day, and it is Karen's turn. Check her out at Genealogy Frame of Mind.

Back to work now!

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  1. I know about being distracted too! I have a few things to get in order! I hope you find your funeral cards one day, probably will run across them when you aren't even looking for them. Glad you like what I am doing, I am also going to post obits on Fridays too.Hopefully they will help someone!