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Friday, May 28, 2010

OCFRD Is In Control of Me!

First, I only have 7 more pages to go in my 29 page list of people who died between 1841 and 1910 in Massachusetts. And there are only about 7 people per page, and most of the Percivals and spouses are done.  But tonight the problem has been complicated by a sticky right index finger. You see, I use a touchpad rather than a mouse, and have been having problems all evening sliding that finger on the touchpad. I tried everything. Finally, used an emery board and sanded the sticky crap off. That's what I get for trying to help our older daughter with some cleaning at her new apartment.

I've had interesting feedback from yesterday's blog "My Ancestors Died of What?" It is interesting how we obsess over the cause of death. This evening I came across a distant relative who died eventually from an attempted suicide. It just took him a month in the hospital after being found to eventually die from pneumonia.

My favorite was an elderly gentleman who died from "Stoppage of Respiration." Yep, in the end that is one thing we will all have in common .. we stop breathing.

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