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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mail versus Email

I am resuming transcription of Grandpa's letters to my future Grandma, written in France during and after the Great War. He faithfully wrote to her just about every other day when he could. The period between September 1 and November 11th, he was on detached service reinforcing bridges, so those letters, we now discover never made it to her. As for hers to him? He destroyed them.

Now, a lot of us correspond via cyberspace and mail still gets lost! I can't tell you how often the Wild Ones will be exchanging emails and you will often read someone's reply before you see the original email. We like to blame it on Bill Gates. I'll add Al Gore to the mix since "he invented the internet." Who did they blame in 1918-1919? Probably just old Uncle Sam. Or maybe the censors. And yes, they were still censoring letters after the armistice. Grandpa says so.

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  1. I still don't understand why Bill enjoys reading our MIA email! LOL

    Cute post!