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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do They Really Want My Opinion?

I have been taking advantage of my Ancestry World subscription and pulling records for the Scotland Censuses from 1841-1901. After fussing with the 1871 census looking for Charles Maitland and finally finding him under Charlese Martland, seeing his children's given names messed up AND their last names changed to Molland, I decided it was time to look at their "new" search page and give my opinion.

In theory it looks good, but the bottom line is that if Ancestry doesn't do anything about their abominable indexing, changing their search engine isn't going to work. And that is what I told them!

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  1. I have been telling them about that indexing snafu for several years, hmmmmm, they have not been listening. Have they???

    Gotta say, my break from my subscription has been ok, at least I am not dealing with this frustration, I needed the break, so many other projects, have not missed it, well, not much! LOL

  2. In theory, the new databases that are supposed to show relating your search. Only 95% of their new content is European.

  3. A Wild One with an opinion? Now there's something new!!!