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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

All I Want For Christmas

Dear Santa,

I've been about as good as I can be this year. Enclosed is my Christmas list.

1. Blogger. Fix adding the pictures, the clickability of the images also needs work.

2. Ancestry. Fix their *$&+ images. I hate getting this message:

Error Processing Request

BookInfo is Null (Invalid Page Number)

Please try the following:

Click the Back button to try another link.

Click the Refresh button, or try again later.

View the collection.

View the Census Records Collection

View the Historical Newspaper Collection

View the Immigration Records Collection

View the Family & Local History Collection

3. While we're at it, lets fix the problems over at FamilySearch beta. There is a problem with New Hampshire deaths (the one with images) and then there is a Missouri deaths database that has Michigan deaths dumped into it. Whatever happened to quality control.

4. I'm tired of so-called updates and fixes screwing up the software. Do you hear me IE? What about you Firefox?
5. This is totally unrelated to genealogy, software, browsers, indices. How about some peace on earth? Goodwill towards men?

6. I would also like a return to being able to wish someone a Merry Christmas without fear of offending someone. I think that Political Correctness has gone too far.

7. This is America, we speak ENGLISH here. Why do I need to hit  "1" if I want to hear a message in English. I also don't want to hear the Spanish equivalent for that.

I am not asking for all of the above. Just one would work.

Thanks you Santa.


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  1. Sounds like somebody's been listening to Glenn Beck. I don't think he's on Santa's "nice" list.

    Happy Hannukah!

  2. Amen to ALL of them but specifically #6. I work at one of the local schools...the December calendar spells out in BIG LETTERS - Hanukkah begins, Hanukkah ends, Los Posadas, Kwanzaa, and then on December 25 is a tiny picture of Santa mention of Christmas!