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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thriller Thursday - Six Lost on Ohio River

Presumed dead.

Six Persons Drowned Near Vevay - On the 1st of January (1847) six persons left Vevay Island in a small skiff, about 8 o'clock in the evening to go to the Kentucky shore, the wind blowing very fresh. It is believed they were all drowned, as no tidings have been received from any one of the party since.

We obtain this intelligence from Mr. Walton Craig of Ghent, Ky., whose father and brother were in the skiff, and are missing. Mr. C. entertains no doubt that the whole party were drowned.

Benjamin Craig, senior, aged 70 years, 6 feet in height, sandy complexion, had on a black box coat and cloth vest with red sleeves. Silas L. Craig, aged 24 years, had on a suit of blue mixed jeans.
n to our older citizens.
(Ohio Statesman, Cincinnati, Ohio, 7 January 1847, p2.)

[Note: Vevay Island, Indiana is across the Ohio River from Ghent, Kentucky.]

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A Mr. Howard and another white man (a fisherman, name unknown) with two negroes composed the missing party.

Mr. Walton Craig, living at Ghent, will give a reasonable reward to any person who will convey the bodies of his relatives, should they be found, to his residence for interment.

Mr. Craig, we hear it said, was owner of Vevay Island, and well know

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