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Monday, December 20, 2010

Checking it Twice ...

Wow, I have been busy. One last item to pick up for Christmas for DH, and the cleaning and then I am done. Well, I'll be making cookies next week, but other than that and picking up Younger Daughter, I think I have things under control.

I had some fun and made some gift card holders with my Cricut, sewed some hot pads - the kind you set hot things on, not for getting stuff from oven and made a dust cover for my Cricut.

Gift Card Holder

Dust cover for my Cricut.

Another gift card holder
Now I think it is time to go back to the Maine Vital Records on Ancestry.

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  1. This Cricut looks like a cool thingy...I may have to try it! I love to do crafts but my fingers can't handle doing some stuff like knitting, crocheting, needlepoint. How is this on arthritic hands?

  2. It's fine on my arthritic fingers! I use Sure Cuts A Lot software and use that to run the cricut. I don't have to cut it by hand. It even punches the folds. For more information and some tutorials, go to That is where I got my software from. The small cricut, which is what I have, is less than $100 on Amazon.

  3. You are so creative too! I love it! I just bought a Cricut! I haven't had time to open or even look at it yet, sometime after Christmas. I didn't know I needed special software to run it...Hope I remember to check out the site you mentioned, making note now. LOVE the things you made!

  4. Ann, did you get the full version with the CD? Is it worth the full version?

  5. I am sooo sorry, it is Ann with an "e"~ Anne! I have it now :-)

  6. Yes, I did. And yes, worth it. I like to have the CD as backup! If you buy it through, you get a discount on it, you can download the program immediately and you get access to Michelle's Theme sets, fonts, templates, etc.

    If you buy the download only, you still get the theme set access.