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Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dilemma

This is the time of year I really start to feel pulled in different directions, Christmas. But doesn't everybody have that feeling this time of year. There is so much to do:  shop, plan meals, decorate, bake. Honestly, I don't know which to tackle first. So I didn't. Instead, I tackled my genealogy to do list. What started me down that totally unrelated road? Well, I came across a to list item that I put on my list of things to do before we moved from Michigan to our temporary home in a condo here in Tennessee. Well, we moved out of that condo in 2008. I have all my files (I hope) where I can get at them, and I had about ten items that required me to look at research I did in the 1990s. Wow. So I started the task of cleaning up my to do list. Then I discovered I had inadvertently added some of my obituaries from Lexington, Kentucky newspapers to my Allen County Public Library list. I have no idea how that happened, but those were easily transferred. There were several items that I had found over the years, but never removed from the list. All in all, I cleaned out 69 items.

I really wish I could get that enthusiastic about putting up the tree. But since the boxes are all in my living room, I guess I better get started.

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  1. Ah yes - the difference between what we SHOULD do and what we WANT to do. I have to admit that I too often chose the latter. Sounds like you made some great progress on the genealogy clean up though - good job!