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Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Miscellanea

Sometimes, I feel like I am going to start growing mushrooms. My lawn already is due to all the rain we've had this year. Last I checked we were at 29 inches, but that was several days ago. It's crazy, but my garden is blooming like crazy. We've already harvested some green beans and the cucumbers are taking over!

Last week I bought a tablet. I hemmed and hawed over which I was going to get, mostly leaning towards a Google Nexus 7. The first generation one is just a year old, and so many are complaining about the crashing recently, that I went with my second choice. No, not an iPad mini, although attractive, too pricey for me. Instead, and I can already hear the gasps of disbelief, I bought a Nook HD+ with 32 gb flash drive. The attractive part? I can add a 64 gb micro SD card to it.

The next thing was I bought Families genealogy app. I am still struggling to get all my pictures on it (all 16400 of them) and Malcolm Green of, is taking a look at my Families file to see what the issue is. I can import the preferred pictures (only 10,400 of those) or no pictures at all and use the program.  But of course I want it all.

For those of you not in the know, Families was designed to be used with Legacy Family Tree. While I am not a Legacy user, I do own version 7.5 and I imported my info from RootsMagic 6 into Legacy via GEDCom and went from there. Since my Nook HD+ and I are still on a learning curve, I'm not pressing the issue too hard. After all I have those PILES (I added a third one) to clear up on my desk!

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