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Friday, June 7, 2013

Random Friday Thoughts

DH, Older Daughter and I went to see the latest Star Trek movie last night, which we really enjoyed. What I don't understand is what possesses people to take small children to a movie like that which involves sex and violence. When I mean small children, I mean children between the ages of 8 months to 5 years. Hello? If you can't or won't get a babysitter, wait till it comes out on DVD, stream it, or watch it on Demand on cable or satellite. Chances are if you live in the same town I do, you only get one PBS channel, so you are paying for some sort of cable or dish. With the price of tickets at $9.50/per adult, why should my viewing of any movie be disturbed by children kicking the back of the seat or infants wailing?

The weird thing is? These weren't the only people I saw with infants.

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  1. I agree with you. Everyone feels they are entitled to do whatever they want.