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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nancy Parker's Husbands: Artemus Pratt and Timothy Percival, Jr.

Nancy Parker was the wife of Artemus or Artemas Pratt. He died prior to April 8, 1824, when Timothy Percival, Jr. married Nancy. From 1825 to 1828, Timothy Percival was the guardian of Nancy & Artemus' children: Rebecca, Artemus or Arthur (b 1815) and Victor or Vecter born about 1818.  Since Nancy and Artemus were married September 16, 1811 in Boone county, Kentucky, I estimate that Rebecca was born circa 1813. As you can see by an account settlement filed in Boone county in the January court of 1829, most of the money was spent that year on Rebecca. Timothy Percival probably died between January of 1829 and 1834, when Nancy died.  Timothy was married the first time to Louisa Shattuck, and it is felt from that line that the Percivals of Northern Kentucky are descended.

p 407
Timothy Percival
Boone County Kentucky
                Rebecca Pratt, Artemus Pratt, Vecter Pratt      

Children of Artemus Pratt dec'd to Timothy Percival their Guardian from the 1st Monday of September 1825 till the first Monday of December 1828. Debtors for board lodging washing clothing schooling & necessary expenses etc. goods etc. furnished for them etc. as will more fully appear by the following exhibits accounts and statements of the same with the vouchers herewith accompanying.

                To Board Schooling & clothing for them at $10 a year, 3 years, 3 months ... $33.00
                1828 Sept. 30th  1 Cloak & bonnet for Rebecca see exhibit of Receipt No. 1 ... 8.00
                May 30th.  1 pair Ladies shoes for Rebecca ... 1.62
                June 14.  1 yard white crepe for Rebecca as per Amt & receipt for no. 2 ...  .75
                Oct. 4th.  To 1 side saddle & bridle for Rebecca as per exhibit & Receipt No. 3.  ... 20.00
                Mar. 10th. 5-1/2 yds Calico for Rebecca, 37-1/2 pr yard ... 2.061/4
                May 6th. 6 yds Calico for Rebecca, 45 per yd ... 2.70
                May 28th. 2 wool hats for Arthur & Vecter ... 1.50  
                                                                                  Total              $69.63-3/4

                By Receipt from Harvey Parker, trustee for the above named Rebecca, Arthur & Vecter                        $47.00

                Boone County Court
                                                                January Term 1829

                This account of Timothy Percival, late Guardian of Rebecca, Artemus and Vecter Pratt was this day produced in court, examined, received and ordered to be recorded, whereupon  the same is duly recorded.

                                                Att. Willis Graves, clk

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