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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wedding Wednesday - Kibler & Irr

Years ago (1978) my Uncle Jack Zimmeth interviewed his father, Charles or "Charlie" Zimmeth on tape. He made a copy of it for my dad and I made a micro cassette copy of it. Then I transcribed it.

One family mentioned on it was the Irr family. Namely Frances. For many more years, I had no idea who Frances Irr was. Or what she was to me. In the 1990's I discovered who she was and that she was my second cousin once removed.

Frances Irr was born Frances Theresia Kibler, daughter of Michael Kibler, Jr., and Monica Klaus, on February 25, 1872 in East Tawas, Michigan, during the Kibler family's short sojourn there. After a couple of years, they returned to Gardenville, New York. 

It was in Gardenville
, therefore, that Frances married Victor Frederick Irr, on June 19, 1895. Victor was the son of Victor Irr and Barbara Amann and was born in Gardenville on February 28, 1868.

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  1. Neat, I remember seeing that gravestone when I was at the 14HH cemetery, but I didn't know we were related. She's my first cousin 3x removed.